Growth hacker marketing⚡️🤓: 42 simple, must-use digital marketing tactics to power your startup

the Facebook Wall at Facebook’s Hong Kong HQ
Frobark earnings over a 3-hour period in early 2012
I started growing them in January 2015. Note the spike! 😎
Happiness is having your work ranked #1 by Forbes Magazine 😇
Two things I learned from running a marathon with no training: 1) you *can* do it; 2) DON’T! prepare to run! prepare to grow.

#1: how to get at least 5,000 views on every LinkedIn post

the fantastic Dave Gerhardt from Drift — always authentic, up close, and personal
closing in on 5k views with very little effort thanks to native LinkedIn video and a couple simple marketing hacks! Announcing my first marathon and this guide 🎥

#2: re-use videos to 4X your social traffic

#3: how to use thank-you tags to get 50–100k views on LinkedIn posts

this guy LinkedIns
735 comments! and Shaun thanked everyone BY HAND

#4: how to get 44 Likes on a LinkedIn post with 5 minutes of work

I used LinkedHelper to send about 100 of these to a select group of growth marketer connections

#5: how to get 10,000 new (real) LinkedIn connections a year

#6: how to make your sales team 4X more effective

what gets measured gets managed (tip of the hat to Peter Drucker, by way of SingleGrain’s Eric Siu)

#7: dominate social feeds without any Tech at all

GaryVee being himself
zigging when they zag — Gary Vaynerchuk encourages us plebs to talk to him

#8: how to make sure your ad campaigns always get Noticed

what’s that?! Jared Codling says he would absolutely use this ad for a pest control company
building up suspense, interrupting patterns in Facebook ads

#9: 2X your ad engagement with short Video

#10: reduce your CPMs with the 3 S’s

#11: cut your video production time in Half with silence

#12: save an hour of time on the next Video you make for $2 finished the .srt file for my marathon announcement video in 30 minutes. It cost $2

#13: save time and 33% off your Retargeting budget

AdEspresso found that animated ads had higher CPL than still ads
still version
animated version
Shoutout to my VIPKID homies Lane Litz and Madli Rohtla

#14: dominate B2B Retargeting with LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

nice pattern interrupt from LinkedIn Dynamic Ads — use your target audience’s own beautiful face to lure them in

#15: be a marketer of the Future with multi-touch attribution

John Wanamaker and one of his lit af full-page ads (he invented them). Is it time to bring back the “Tie-on” Blouse?
the Marketoonist (Tom Fishburne) rocks
Bizible automatically sets the attribution share each marketing channel should get with machine learning (so you know which channels to cut budget on, and which ones to double down on)
here’s a graphical version of the above attribution split

#16: stop losing 30% of your ad traffic

“how to pixel,” by me

#17: save 40% of your budget with the 3 Second rule

3 second page load is the magic number. It’s all downhill from there

#18: dominate the display ad industry with WhatRunsWhere

top performing display ads for weight loss
top performing ads for a single advertiser

#19: swipe your competitor’s Facebook ads

checking out how an advertiser Facebooks with “Info and Ads”

#20: increase CTRs by 20–30% with Emojis and gifs

always emojis. Always!
emoji welcomes
Rachman Blake’s first follow-up email. No text, just gif
again, no text. Just this gif

#21: never lose another social visitor with Sniply

using someone else’s web page to generate leads for meeeeee!!
all your conversational marketing leads are belong to me

#22: high-impact retarget on YouTube for pennies

#23: get 80–90% open rates with Messenger

Anand Arivukkarasu’s presentation on Messenger marketing is must-watch

#24: save hundreds of hours of human time with anyone-can-build Messenger Chatbots

nearly 10,000 users served with our bot to date

#25: get tons more qualified Leads by throwing away your email collection forms

Jason Swenk’s “Don Draper bot” Messenger lead gen flow is rad

#26: 2X your sales call Connection rates

ringless voicemail drops from Stratics Networks

#27: 7X your sales Close rates with one simple hack

“what gets measured gets managed.” Build a publicly visible wall board with your sales team’s average lead follow-up time and you’ll get down to <5 minutes in no time

#28: make sure your sales team follows up on leads in 5 minutes or less with Pushover + Zapier

Zapier connects almost everything to almost everything else — easily
send your sales team Pushover new lead notifications when — and only when — the incoming leads meet their own criteria and standards. With Pushover, you can make the notification clickable, taking them straight to HubSpot or Salesforce so they can follow up with the lead in less than the 5 minute deadline

#29: get tons of Messenger contacts for pennies a piece with post autoresponders

make the first question dead simple to answer. Easy for your customer to opt in with a message like this

#30: 10X your ROAS with a Facebook giveaway

the holy grail Facebook header image for a bodybuilder. What bodybuilder wouldn’t risk tagging a swol mate for a chance at that??
yours for $995. That’s a decently priced prize for our thicc muscly friends

#31: get a 55% CTR with Messenger Broadcasts

82% open rates. Pinch me!
55% CTR!! 😱zomg

#32: 3X your video audience attention time with Facebook Live

these notifications are
the split screen and cool little labels are simple to do with

#33: close more sales with FOMO

#34: capture 96.54% of organic traffic from Google with long tails

everyone’s a snowflake: google searches are getting more specific, so content needs to be more inclusive of lots of different angles of the topic
google searchers are getting more savvy, and searches are getting longer. Accommodate them with more long tails in your content

#35: protect yourself from Google penalties with cheap and easy long tail Keyword tools

an LSI (latent semantic indexing) cluster around the brand “Apple”
whip up tons of long tails and co-occurring phrases for any topic in seconds with LSI Graph
LSI Graph just scrapes Google’s suggested searches
Cyrano tells you what long tails to include, and even how many times to include them for perfect SEO content
the red background behind the term “orion” tells us we’re in danger of a Google stuffing penalty for including it too many times in this article

#35: get Thousands more visitors to your content with these cheap social media tools

finding like-minded people to promote at Viral Content Bee (so they’ll promote you in return)
an example tribe from Triberr — 31 people who love and support Will Tang at Going Awesome Places
MeetEdgar content scheduler
I found these two dynamite KOL prospects and knew how much money to offer them through Intellifluence in about 15 seconds of work
ever seen this? A website asking you for web push notifications permission. This one hack can increase your traffic on each postby 5–15%.
the anatomy of a web push notification. Great for traffic, and also this is basically a free option to keep your brand Top of Mind and increase legitimacy (if you regularly post new content)

#36: get incredible Real links for $1 each is my competitor. Time to go give some love to the ones that love them!
here’s my love list 💌I MUST MAKE THEM LOVE ME MORE
VoilaNorbert finds my love list and searches the web for their email. STALKER MODE ACTIVATED
I want my emails to show up in your Primary inbox with Tash and my favorite digital marketing emails ✅; not Social, Promotions, Forums, or Updates 👎

#37: how to get 129% cold Email open rates

compare the experience of seeing Peep as the sender vs Ryan Deiss or Search Engine Journal as the sender. Which one is the better experience for the email reader?
check out the preview subjects from Acme Toys and ZURB University and you’ll see the dangers of email subject truncation 😨
cold email outreach subject lines I’ll be using in 2019
spoiler alert: the second, because of the suspense — is my credit score whoa like 👍or whoa like 👎?

#38: increase email CTRs by 50–100% with one simple hack

#39: increase organic Google traffic exponentially for free with Google Search Console

Google Search Console tells me which long tails I should include in my content to get more impressions and clicks. Critical! ⚠️
the keywords we ranked for at VIPKID jumped from 25 to 9,500 in just 6 months! thanks search console!
I would totally read this article #MadMen 🥃

#40: how we increased our Mobile conversion rate by 210%

#41: find out your competitor’s Conversion rates

this is devious and brilliant, and I’m jealous I didn’t think of it 😈

#42: never guess again which Product feature to fix next

classic exit pop survey 🤓THESE WORK. Visitors love giving feedback to improve their experience
to know with 90% certainty what’s wrong with your website experience, I only need 262 responses. It’s about 300 for 99% certainty 🤯




Head of Growth for ContactOut. Startup coach and contributor for @HubSpot

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Jeff Deutsch

Jeff Deutsch

Head of Growth for ContactOut. Startup coach and contributor for @HubSpot

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